Sansa Fuze is not turning on

… I’ve charged it overnite, but the problem still exists … I plugged it into computer and it is NOT recognized … had it plugged into some speakers while taking a shower when it stopped and the screen went black after 3 minutes.

Hold the on/off slider in the up postion (as if you were turning it on or off) for about 15 seconds.  Then try turning it on.

Allrite … I guess I should have tried another adapter. That seemed to do the trick and now it is working … thanx for your response anyway. On another note, I did hold the button to turn on the Fuze for about 20 seconds and it didn’t do the trick, but I guess the real problem was a faulty adapter.

ty so much for that i tried everything else and that worked great for me i was pulling my hair out thnkx so much