Sansa Fuze is locking up?

Here’s the deal, I was listening to music… the MP3 in my pocket. No problems or anything… then suddenly the next song starts to go on… and… it just freezes? I decided to hold the power button to make it go, and it worked. The next song came on 2-3 seconds later. Now this dosen’t happen all the time mind you, just sometimes.

 The same thing happens when turning it on and the Sansa Fuze logo comes up… whats going on?

I actually upgraded my firmware, and no problems. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear the update solved your problem. If it starts doing this again though, take a look at your ID3 tags. The Sansa players are very particular when it comes to these bits of information, and they have to be in a specific format that the Sansas like or they will do exactly what you describe, hanging or freezing at start-up or at the beginning of a song. :wink: