Sansa Fuze Headphone Output

hi, does anyone know what the Headphone power output is on the Sandisk Sansa Fuze?

i have the Sony MDR EX71SL which output at 100MW, just want to know how much the Fuze will output


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Nominal output should be about 60mW for the headphones (2x60mW).

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

60 mw per channel output on the Fuze? No way. Most mp3 players seem to have an output  of around 5-15 mw per channel into 16 ohms. The highest output power I have seen for an mp3 player was 37 mw per channel into 16 ohms.

The specs seem to be confusing. It sure seems that 60mw would play very loud! Hi power Sony cd players are shown at 15mw at 16 ohm. But… the spec sheet for the AMS SOC in the Fuze sure does show the headphone output at 60mw at 16 ohm - hard to believe or it’s being toned down considerably! It also shows a speaker output of 500mw at 4 ohm, 1v peak lineout at 10k ohm, stereo linein and 10 channel mixer!!! It would really be nice if Sansa or someone else would release a player that did not cripple this chip so bad!

kwl 60MW per channel, thats alot, the cowon Iaudio D2 has 37mw x 37mw

i thought that was good :slight_smile:

looks like i will be getting a Sansa Fuze then :smiley:

I have the same headphones and they work fine, but I deliberately don’t push them to high volume since they are rated to work with high powered audio amps, and I believe their load might stress whatever output circuit exists on the Fuze.