Car and Fuze

Anyone else notice diminished sound quality/volume when your fuze is attached to your car. I have a double male-ended line (same wire as headphones, just a male portion on both ends). One end into the fuze and the other into the aux connection on the car. I have used other mp3 players with the exact same hardware and the quality is much better.

any thoughts?

I haven’t noticed that its any worse than any other device using the headphone jack. Its an impedance mismatch with the car’s line-in, so you shouldn’t really expect it to sound terribly good. There might be a difference in the output wattage but headphones will reach full volume with only a few milliwatts (per HeadWize) so its not much to begin with. As has been discussed in other threads, the only way to get line-level output from a Fuze is to use a docking station that would be too big for a car.

I just simply noticed that when I used a Nano vs. a fuze, that the sound quality/level was better. The wattage output makes sense.


You mgigh also check your system settings to ensure Volume is set to High.

yeah, all settings were appropriate. I’m guessing what the other poster said is likely the x-factor (line-out wattage/power)

The issue isn’t really power, it’s differences with voltage and impedance between headphones and line-out.  Headphone voltage can sometimes be in the ballpark of line-out, but the impedance is the real problem.

A couple things that can help:

  • Use MP3Gain to boost the gain on all your MP3s to 92dB
  • Use the Fuze’s custom EQ to boost all frequencies equally
  • Do the same with you head unit’s EQ if necessary
    Obviouslly, all the EQ boosting is not ideal, but it should get the level up into the normal range.

i checked out MP3Gain. Pretty dang neat program. I analyzed a lot of my stuff and found I am usually over 92db. Good for blasting yourself but I found if I took a song from, oh say, 100db gain to 92db the sound quality was a lot better. Took out the clipping on the higher db songs. So although they are not as “loud” they sound better. I noticed you have to be very careful on “quieter” songs. One song I had was an acoustic jam that analyzed at about 76db. I gained it to 92db and it really made the background white noise stand out.

FYI, I copied all the songs I messed with first so as to not alter the originals.

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