A few questions about Sansa Clip (power, chip)

Hi. At first, sorry for my very bad English. 1. How high power per channel has Sansa Clip? 2. At what SoC is Sansa Clip built? Thank you.

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SOC information here

email request, for datasheet

Output power? I have not seen that anywhere, yet

It’s 92 dB.

92dB-what? dBm? Nope, can’t be that, unless you’re using 600 ohm 'phones. dBmV? Into what impedance?

“dB” is a logrithmic ratio, not an absolute level, and as such requires a reference point.

If you mean it drives your headphones to a measured 92dB output, you still need a weighting scale/reference - dbA for example, or dBrn-C. Otherwise, the data is meaningless for technical purposes (but sure can be used for marketing purposes)…

The Clip’s power rating is in the spec sheet for the SOC - and it’s 60mW per channel into 16Ω - that’s -12.2 dBW, or 17.8dBmV.

60 mW?  That’s much better than Ipods 30!  Is that rated with the stock earbuds?  Also, why is it that my 15 mW, 10 year old Sony Discman demolishes every mp3 player on the market in sound quality?

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