Sansa Firmware Updater Fails to Install on my PC

Hi everyone,

I cant install the updater on my pc.

This is what it writes when it fails: “Downloding latest sansa updater…    X”

“The installation fails. Please try again later”

I have tried many time in the last 24 hours and its always the same.

My pc is clean no viruses, spyware etc, well maintained, Firewall doesnt block it.

Any suggestions?

Install the latest firmware manually. It is very easy. Just follow the step by step instructions.

Most here don’t recommend using the Updater. It’s a resource hog that will slow your system down and amounts to nag-ware most of the time as whenever you plug your player it will ‘phone home’ looking for any updates. Firmware updates are very few and far between and manually updating (or re-installing) updates usually takes less time than downloading and installing the Updater. :wink:

OK than Im taking your advice, thanks for the answer(: