Sansa Express quirks, possible bugs, wishlist - comparison to Clip

First bug: Pressing center select button for “back to music list” often resets the player (as if select and volume + were pressed instead). If this is a hardware issue and not a bug, I’d love to know.

This doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen and it is annoying.

Second “bug”, documentation issue – see thread on debricking, press volume - and center while plugging in to get recovery mode. My mystery question is what caused the memory to corrupt, requiring this in order to reformat the device.

Quirks and wishlist things:

  1. Volume resets to about 60% after power off. I understand this is a ear safety issue, but since I can turn it up louder, why can’t I set an option to leave it loud? I often hook it to an FM transmitter, and to match broadcast radio I have to have higher volume. Having to change the volume slows down starting up, and can be a hassle when driving.

  2. Go list can’t be saved as a playlist. You can’t take a song off the Go list (on the Clip, you remove a song the same way you add it).

  3. Song list scroll is relatively slow, about a third that of the Clip. On a long list, this could be painful. With an 8 GB card in and 1000+ songs, it just wouldn’t be useable as a song-search tool. Looks like about two songs a second.

  4. If “play all” is selected, you can’t “go back to the music list”. Instead, it goes back to the list of play selection options. Selecting “play song” works for this, playing the selected song, while going on to all songs (just like “play all”), but lets you go back to the list to pick a new song. On the clip, it does go back to the song list.

  5. Volume is about two “clicks” lower than the Clip. Using the EQ can boost the volume, but it still seems to me that the Clip is louder and clearer at the highest volume.

  6. No menu option for MSC mode, unlike the Clip’s current firmware.

I’ve had the express for more than two years now and I am some new ones to add:

  1. longer recording (more than 2 hours - the clip supposedly can do 10 hours) I’m really guessing this should be an easy firmware fix.

  2. a separate folder for pod-casts and audio books (true that express has audio book as one of its menu options but where do you put the files to (and here I’m talking just about copying and pasting and not sync. through WMP)

  3. no need for the screen to come up when only changing volume (you can easily check the volume level though the ear buds, and it’s kinda annoying when in the dark)

  4. when fast forwarding, make the scrubber accelerate (it does accelerate after 2 seconds but then it moves at a constant speed) this comes very handy with long audio files.

  5. less firmware crash (it is very often when I either select a file to play or try playing a paused file or just for no reason at all the firmware crashes and the player turns off. less of these crashes would