"Back To Music List" causing power off

Is there anybody else encountering a problem where the Sansa Express is switching off when the “Back to Music List” option is selected from the “Music Options” menu?  It seems to be happening at random when I’m trying to get back to the menu, not every song but there seems to be no connection between the ones it is doing this with.  Is there any way of fixing this? (I have the most recent firmware and it is still doing it)

I’ve never seen that happen before…  I’d try a format and maybe even re-apply the current firmware.

I also get this problem and would like to try formating as suggested. Which is the best way to format?


Using the built in format facility in the ‘Settings’ or

connecting to the PC and formating in Windows Explorer (XP SP2) ?

Is it possible to format in a DOS box so that switches can be used?



I have the same problem. Did formatting help ?

I tried formatting (5 times in all!) using the built in format facility in the ‘Settings’ and also by connecting to the PC and formating in Windows Explorer (XP SP2).  But problem persisted.


Instead of immediately playing the album just loaded, play something else already in the memory. That seem to help.

Only a day since, so not sure if it is a cure!



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I had this happen, adding to the Go List. I’d press the center select button, and the thing would switch off. Worse, sometimes it would reset, clearing the go list. That is very annoying. My first guess is that the switches might be sticky – locking in position when new. Or else maybe I pushed the volume up button while holding it, and thus tripped the reset. But it may be a firmware issue. On my player, “Back to the music list” goes to the song, not the list, if I pick “play all” rather than a playlist or album. If it is the switches, I hope they hold up (and fix it on newer models). I find them touchy, and too easy to press the center and direct buttons at the same time by accident.

I tried some more with mine. From a playlist, every time I use select to “go back to the music list”, the player reset. If I use the right-arrow it doesn’t do that. No buttons seem sticky, and it seems consistent. This seems to do a reset, not just a shutdown. The go list is cleared, and so is custom EQ. Language selection is unchanged (unlike a firmware upgrade), FM stations remain. Any clues? I’ve upgraded the firmware twice to 1.01.05A. I could do it again, on the idea that something went wrong doing it.