Sansa e260 problem. When I turn it on, screen is black, but blue light is on.

I am going crazy with my dumb Sansa e260.  When my computer froze, my Sansa e260 went into a blank white screen.  I turned the unit off (holding power 20 seconds).  I cannot get into Recovery Mode or get my computer to recognize the Sansa.

How can I fix this?  Is my unit fried forever?!

Thanks in advance.


You broke it!!  I’m telling Mom!!!

Nah, I have a theory for you.  As long as this is a v1 device.  Do you remember if the splash screen, when you power it up, looks like this?

The v1 has a recovery mode.  The v2 is different, less susceptible to this issue.  Remove the back of your machine, careful that you don’t lose the four wee screws.  At the top of the device, you’ll see a large black rectangular area.  Within this area, press down gently on the grey rectangular foam block.  This will reseat the memory module.  The v1 can “lose its mind” if the daughterboard isn’t properly seated.

Let us know if the Sansa springs back to life after this check.  If there’s nothing under this black area, you may have a v2 device, but again, the “blue ring of death” is common to the v1.  Does the device power up when plugged in to the USB port?

Let’s take things one step at a time.  There’s plenty of information nestled in here about recovering a dead v1 with e200tool , but it isn’t for the faint hearted.  Hopefully, the issue is simpler than having to recover your I2C ROM.

Let us know if the device responds.  A word of caution!!  NEVER attempt to format the device using the Windows Format function, while in Recovery Mode.

Bob  :wink:


You are the freakin’ BEST!  When I get home from work tonight, I will try that.  I was going to do that last night, but finding the wee screwdriver isn’t that easy around my house.  I hope this will solve the problem.

Yes, my e260 is definitely v1.  I only get the blue ring.  My computer doesn’t recognize the unit, and I can’t do a reset (orange showing on lock, holding for 20 seconds in Rec mode and then putting ni the sansa.fmt code in the version script), until I can get the SanDisk screen back.  I will try your solution later.

Thanks, again, for your help.  Not bad enough I bricked the thing over the weekend and thought all was lost, but now I have to deal with the Blue Ring of Death.  I was syncing with WiMP when the crash occurred.  First I got the white screen.  When I turne the unit off, that was “all she wrote.”


Ugghhh…,.,reseating the daughterboard didn’t work.  I could cry!

its done me the same thing like 5 times and i have just wait for it loose all it energie ,then plug it in your computer and recharge it . and it rework  (this could take like 2 days for it loose all it energie)