Black Screen Sansa E260 Buttons light Up just bought yesterday

The screen is completely black my computer wont recognize it the buttons light up but it does nothing already tried to reset it and I also tried that thing where you press the hold button and record button and power on button but it still doesn’t work.  Any help would be great!!

If you have already tried opening the back (four little screws–don’t lose them), taking out and putting in the battery and fully charging it, then take it back. That should not happen to a brand new Sansa.

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Yes I have I bought this off ebay because it was broken and i need to replace my screen on mine i wanted to fix this one so i have another if this one breakes

I was figuring (this is before it arrived) that it was something simple like the screen was un hooked or that it needed to be reformated I would really like to fix it

Go here and good luck to you.

yea that link above didnt help me at all its to confusing and i tried to dowload and It wouldnt upload…

If anyone knows how to help I really need it I would like to get this one working

what if it’s a used?

@kdlady127 wrote:
what if it’s a used?

cuz mine’s screen isn’t lighting up, only the blue ring. This is probably the worst birthday present I’ve got!!

The Famous Blue Ring of Death Thread

Look for Misha’s post on the first page. 

Ok, after trying every possible combination of buttons + connecting and removing the battery nothing happened. I have an e260 v1 with rockbox. I finally found the solution in some thread somewhere. When you remove the back cover there is a small rectangular rubber-covered area above the battery. This covers a small chip which can come loose. Gently push on this spot until you hear a tiny click ( I did it with battery removed). Replace the battery and the device magically comes back to life! I didn’t even lose any of my data! Thanks whoever you were!

The above worked for me (pushing on that rectangular area).  Thank you!!