Sansa e260 "MSC mode" problem

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with my old e260 SanDisk Sansa player. When I´am trying to connect my Sansa to PC with MSC mode,Sansa sansa get frozen ( You cannot see green arrows. Normally I saw them),my PC,before get frozen,can see device in My Computer but when I trying to get into this folders,it freeze…When I unplug Sansa,device made a reboot,my PC works correctly again. It only happens with MSC mode. MTP works perfectly,but this mode is very limited. You can copy only "music file"s,you cannot format Sansa. I´am using Windows 7 with WMP 12. I tried to connect Sansa on some XP OS. Problem still persists with only change,I can open Sansa folder from My Computer,but it takes a few minutes when it get frozen too.

I want to ask,if exist any chance to repair this? Some fixes in Recovery mode,format,everything else?

Thank you for advice!

P.S - Yeap,I am not “englishman” so grammar isn´t perfect. Apologise.

Problem solved.

For everyone,who has got problems like this.

Format  Your Sansa in Recovery mode. That works.

Be very careful with the above suggestion and Recovery Mode!!

Never attempt to format the device using Windows’ format command while connected in Recovery Mode. This will erase important data from the reserved partition.

When in Recovery Mode, from your PC, the correct method is to tell the Sansa to format itself automatically. All you need to do this is place a New Folder renamed sansa.fmt into the 16MB FORMAT partition that appears when you connect in recovery mode. When you unplug, the Sansa will format itself automatically.

Be sure to slide the HOLD switch back to the normal position first, since the player will be locked.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: