Sansa E250 problem

Okay, so here’s the problem,


I went on vacation, and left my E250 in the car for about 5 days. the weather was relatively warm (if that has any relevance) but the MP3 was not in the sun.

when i tried to turn on the MP3, the screen acted quite unusual. if i turned it on, it would load up with gray streaks across the screen, and when i loaded up the screen, a third of it was white.

I HAVE USED the MP3 in a humid area before, such as playing it in a bathroom (not in the shower) while i was taking a shower, but the fan was on, so not much water could get in it.

The part of the screen that is not white is very discolored, making my pictures and video not able to be viewd properly.

when i scroll down my music list, the screen is quite jumpy and jittery, making unusual movements. it makes it very hard to choose a song.


but it annoys the heck out of me when im trying to view pictures, and even try to see what song im listening to.

The first thing to try is updating the firmware. Looking it Settings/Info/Firmware version to see whether you have a v1 (firmware starts with 1.x) or v2 (firmware starts with 3.x). Then look in the sticky notes at the top of the forum and the instructions for reinstalling manually. If you have Sansa Updater, uninstall it–this firmware is the last one, and you don’t need Updater phoning home every time you boot up.

The reason I suggest this is the jumpiness you describe. That would suggest the firmware is bouncing the display around, rather than a physical problem with the screen. Anyway, it’s worth a try. 

the only info that is viewable (thanks to a third of the screen being white…) is that the version is V03.01.16A.

i had already updated the firmware a while ago…

I’d still suggest redoing the firmware manually, following the instructions in the stickies at the top of the first page. There’s always the possibility that something has gone wrong, even with the latest version. If new firmware doesn’t help, then it seems likely you have a hardware problem, and you’ll either have to live with the bad screen or replace the unit.