Sansa e250 is not detected by Computer


My Sansa e250 is not detected by my computer. somedays back I tried to update firmware through sansa updater but due to low internet connection unable to complete the firmware update. then onwards my player is not getting ON, means blank sceen only displays with illuminated volume ring and it is not detected by my computer. I tried to change the player to recovery mode as specified in the forum, then also it is not getting ON and not identified by the computer

Could anyone help on this to resolve this issue?


1.) Have you tried a simple reset by holding the power button down for 20-30 seconds? Release, and then press again momentarily to start it up. It might start up normally.

2.) Are you sure you have a v1 device? The newer version (2) does not have a Recovery Mode, per say.

3.) As a last resort, this might help…

It could possible be an issue with your desktop. Have you tried to plug this in on a different computer yet? <img src=“”/>