Sansa e250 is not detected by my computer


I bought my sansa e250 some time ago and it worked just fine and my computer detected it. I have not used my sansa for some time and now that I want to use it again, I plug it on my computer, the battery which is running low is charging but the sansa is not deteted by the computer. In fact the sansa’s windows does not display the screen it used to when it was charging. I have tried almost everything I have read in the support guide but nothing works. The only thing different with my computer is that over a year ago, to fix a problem, I had to get windows xp reinstalled.

I have tried connecting the sansa to different usb ports. Tomorrow I´ll try to connect it to a usb port in the back of my computer, but my usb port hub is working fine, I have some other devices connected there.

I really appreciate your comments and help.

Thanks in advance

3 suggestions:

  1. Different (direct) USB port. Hubs are unreliable (even if other devices seem to work OK).
  2. Different cord. There are wires inside that control power and those that move data. Maybe one of the data wires/pins have broken, so while it still charges your computer doesn’t ‘see’ it.
  3. Different USB mode. You said you had to re-install Windows XP. If you are using MTP mode or the dreaded Auto Defect, your player is looking for a driver that may not be there anymore. XP shipped with Windows Media Player 9. WMP 10 is required for MTP connectivity. You might need to upgrade to 10 to get the driver you need, or simply switch the USB mode on your player to MSC, so it will connect and be seen by your computer as any other storage device (like a thumb drive or memory stick).

Hi and thanks. Sugestion Nbr. 1 worked perfectly. I connected my sansa directly to my computer and it was detected immediately. It is now charging and I will be enjoy my device again in no time.