Sansa e130 and a memory card?


does Sansa e130 support 2GB Multimedia Cards (MMC)? Or more precisely, does it support  2GB MMC+ (that is MMC Plus) -memorycards?

And another question (which is more off-topic); does an SD card have advantages over (/compared to) a corresponding MMC card? In my case, I would like to buy this 2GB MMC+ instead of a 2GB SD, but I wonder if the MMC+ is for example slower or somehow worse…

Thanks for answers in advance! :stuck_out_tongue:

Your MMC+ card may or may not work. I’ve seen MMC cards work fine in SD card slots as they share some similiarities.

Offically, the e100 only supports SD.

That said, why not look into a regular SD card? A 2GB SD card is only $20-30ish nowadays. I can’t imagine an MMC card being much cheaper.

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That’s right, I tested MMC cards (only 16MB or so) in my e130 and they worked fine. It’s only this Plus-version that makes me hesitate.

The reason why I’m buying MMC is that I have a phone supporting only MMCs. Moreover, because the prices of both MMCs and SDs are almost the same, the compatibility of the memory card with both the devices would be a great advantage.

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Whee, I’m replying to myself… but just in case someone else is or will be interested in this issue, too:

I now tested a 512MB Kingston MMCmobile (= Dual Voltage Reduced Size MMC Plus, that is, version 4.X, see more details at and this card did NOT work in my Sansa e130. In consequence, the MMC Plus doesn’t seem to work with this player… However, I’m not sure if the file system the card was formatted to (FAT [?]) made any difference.

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Why not use a SD card instead? they are fairly cheap, and you know they will work?