E130 compatible SD, DRM questions

Hi.  I got sucked in by a buy.com promotion and just purchased a refurbished E130.  I haven’t even received it yet, but know I’ll want to add a 2gb SD card.  I’ve never had any SD devices.  Will any SD (2gb or less) be compatible with my new player?  Fry’s has an A-Data 2gb this week for $7.99 (after rebate).

I also saw another post regarding this player’s inability to play music with new DRM.  Can someone give me an explanation of what that means?  I’ve got many mp3 files from years of collection both from CD and online.

Thanks a lot!


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Regarding SD, any SD card with a capacity not higher than 2GB (meaning, it can’t be SDHC) should work fine.

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, only applies to files in other formats, specifically WMA.  If you have only MP3 files, they should be just fine…  but if you’re using a subscription service like Napster, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, etc, you’ll need a player that supports the MTP protocol.  It enables a new DRM scheme that these services rely on now, which provides additional features and security (enabling things like songs that stop working if you don’t renew your subscription.)  This doesn’t apply to MP3 files at all, just some types of WMA files.

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Thanks a lot for the answers.

For anyone who cares, OfficeMax has a Sandisk 2.0gb SD no rebate on sale this week for $19.99.

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There is a method that permits the e130 to play licensed, *.wma files.  I download electronic audio books from the public library to my desktop with the free “OverDrive Media Console”.  This software has a button “Transfer” that will transfer the subject files from the desktop to EITHER the main memory OR the storage card of the e130.  Then play the audio file, as with a music file.  Using “Copy” and “Paste” will NOT work.  This “old” player is magnificent.


I do the same with OverDrive Media audiobooks, except none of my three e130s resume properly, so I can’t call these players “magnificent” like you do.  Does your e130 resume properly, i.e., when manually shut off, or automatically shut off after being paused too long, does it start up at the place in the book where you last listened?  Mine always start at 00:00.  My firmware on all three is the 1. series, not the 2. series.