Sansa E-100 series car transmitter has weak signal.

Hi!  I have a SANSA E series car transmitter that was working great for awhile and then a year later it quit transmitting a “STRONG” signal.  It is as if the volume was turned down on the MPS player itself.  I called SANSA customer service and they would not help me because it was too late.  Honestly that was a pretty crappy response because, I really believe in the product and I don’t see the need to spend $3oo on brand X mp3 player.  This unit has never been anywhere but in my car.  Have any of you had similar issues with th transmitter.  I am  now using a “MONSTER” brand transmitter.  I don’t like it as well because it is more prone to static and the funny thing is that it actually costs more than the SANSA car transmitter. :robotindifferent:

Just curious… have you tried cleaning the contacts on the original transmitter?  Pencil erasers do an okay job of polishing out light dirt or oxidation, but if you really want to go nuts, try some Deoxit (you can get it at Radio Shack in pen applicators and it’s quite handy if you deal with electronics often.)  Any exposed contact can be cleaned.