How to listen Sansa on car audio?

How can I connect Sansa to car audio/cassette player?

Best:  if you have an aux. connector on the car player, use a cable (available at any electronics store) between the Clip’s headphone connector and the car’s aux. connector.

Next best:  get a car player cassette adapter (also available at electronics stores–looks like a cassette with a cable attached to it) to connect between the player and the Clip.

Next next best:  get an FM transmitter to connect to the Clip (also available at electronics stores), to transmit the sounds to your FM radio.

What the previous person said, and I want to add:  If you check the immediate gift section of your local department store (where they have boxed things for $5, $10, $20 like electric tie racks and digital tire gauges) you will notice some places offer FM transmitters for about $10.  They’re not that expensive in the first place, generally speaking (I own two - a Phillips for $5 from a year ago and an iRock that was $20 on about eight years ago when they weren’t a common item), but 'tis the season for sales.  :smiley:  

That sounds cool. So how it works?

Is that the same cassette used with CD player to listen on the car audio?

"Is that the same cassette used with CD player to listen on the car audio? "

Yes. Do you already have one?

I used to have one cassette adapter way back 6-7 years ago when I was using CD. I have to look arround. Can someone explain how FM receiver works?

The FM transmitter transmits a weak signal on an unused FM station, then your radio receives it. It the lowest quality option, since it is vulnerable to interference, and transmitting and receiving the signal lowers the quality.

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Thank you. And how do you connect Sansa i FM transmmiter?

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The FM transmitter connects to the headphone jack.