Which FM transmitter do you use?


I bought sansa express a week ago and so far I love it.

I also wanted to use it in my car, but the cheap FM transmitter I have bought on ebay produces very low volume, which seems to be a problem of sansa’s weak drive strength as my Sony CD walkman plays perfect with the same transmitter.

Still, I believe a well-designed transmitter  can  accomodate sansa express’s output.

Could anyone let me know which FM transmitter works with it?


I got a express for Christmas, and also got the below transmitter.  To get the transmitter to turn on after I turn on the express I do need to raise the volume on the express above 1/2, but otherwise I’m very happy with it! 

It will nicely override “sketchy” local radio signals in addition to working great on pure static frequencies!


Hi Peanut,

Thanks for the info!

I am glad to hear that iRiver is working fine with express.

I was able to find one at bellow $20, so I am going to place an order tonight.

Thanks again!

I use a Belkin Tunecast. It works well with the Express (though it could have a bit more volume; the Express is quieter than my Sony CD player or the Sansa Clip). Two AA batteries for ~7 hours, any station, four presets and it remembers the last station when changing batteries. Got it only sale at $27, circuit city.