Sansa Connect Wifi Options

Hi - I bought a refurb Connect just to use as a player, and just discovered that it was originally designed to connect to Wifi.

I also found PromisedPlanet’s post on how to re-activate the Wifi feature (Thanks!)

Before I go through that fairly geekish procedure, I thought I’d ask what I’ll get when I’m done.

I understand that originally there was a Yahoo subscription service to download music, but that shut down.

I’m assuming I can still do some kind of streaming content from free sites?

What are some of the sites I can access? 

Pandora, Live365, Shoutcast? 

How about on-air stations that stream their content, like NPR, BBC, etc.? 

What about sites that will stream archived content like podcasts?  

Thanks for any info you can offer.


You can listen to Yahoo Launchcast audio streams and view Flickr galleries. It doesn’t support other streaming services like Pandora or

Other than that, it has the same basic audio capabilities of any other MP3 player, plus photo and video.

Thanks for the info…I think I’ll just stick with the player without WiFi. 

It’s a really good 4GB player for the <$30 I paid for it.

Why would anyone ever buy an iPod?