One Last Question

I’m sure many of you are “long term” users of the Sansdisk Connect product but as a new user, should I move on to another product? I notice Yahoo is discontinuing their service , I can’t use video downloads, etc (and I thought it had a “real” FM radio built in.) The unit looks and functions great but…

It depends on how much you like the remaining functions of the player, and what the remaining functions are.  It’s not determined whether the WiFi streaming audio function (Yahoo Launchcast streams) will be eliminated.  It’s also not known whether the WiFi music download (Yahoo Music To Go) will be replaced with a different service, such as Rhapsody.

Personally, I’m keeping my Connect as long as they continue to supply WiFi streaming audio.  That’s my favorite thing about this player.  I’m not a subscription music fan so I never went for the Yahoo MTG stuff.

Even if they completely kill all WiFi capability, I might keep it around to see if the Rockbox folks are going to do anything with it.  :wink:

I don’t think RockBox would work on it (they stick to PortalPlayer and similar architectures) but if SanDisk and Zing open up some of the source, anything is possible.

I’m not sure if Zing would open up source as their software is used in other players.

I returned my Connect and bought a View. Thanks

Actually, a good amount of it is already open (since they based it on Linux/Mono) so the only thing they really need to open up is the boot signature.  Those are usually pretty hardware-specific.