Sansa Clip

I am looking for a car charger for my clip, I am not having much luck, any suggestions?

Lots of posts here on this; you may want to try using the search box at the above left.

Generally, a general car cigarette lighter/USB adapter should work (it needs a 5-pin mini B connector, to connect to the Clip).  Also, a car cellphone or GPS adapter that you have around may work.  You can search at Amazon or eBay.

Thanks for the help. As I’m sure you can tell I am new to all this, as my son says" Old people and tecnology…bad mix!"

I’m glad it’s of some help.  Personally, I use my Mio GPS car adapter for my Clip–works great.  Mine has an attached cord; others are simple cigarette plug plug-in devices that you insert your own USB cable into.

And it’s really not you:  it’s the electronics industry which, as a general matter, often does not fully or adequately explain its technology, leaving consumers to experiment and guess.  For example, and with all due respect to SanDisk, there is no reason why it does not sell and/or list car and AC adapters for the Clip, to avoid understandable questioning by Clip owners concerned with safety issues.

A basic and inexpensive car charger, at $1.99 shipped—p-26448.aspx.