Sandisk + 8 gb car charger???

I just ordered a new Sansa Clip 8gb + from Walmart and I want to order a car charger. I noticed that on ebay that there are a lot of car/charger packages for the clip + but when I ask the vendor if they fit the 8 gb he said that the charger that works with the 2gb and the 4gb do not work with the 8 gb. Does anyone here know if the 8bg requires a different charger than the smaller 2gb & 4gb Sansa Clip + models??? Also does the Clip + come with a standard type mini usb plugin cable that charges from my computer? Thanks 

Balderdash as to the vendor–it’s the same for all the Clip models and sizes.  What works for one will work for any of them–the connections and power draws are all the same.

And yep as to the USB cable–your new Clip will come with a nice, short one (great for carrying around).  Of course, you also can use one that you already have, such as a digital camera USB cable.

Thank you very much!