Sansa Clip Zip not turning on

I got this from a friend yesterday and had to format everything on it and move all the music back onto it just so I could add music. For some reason, whenever I restart it, it goes to refreshing memory and the bottom part of the bar goes all pixelated, then after about a minute, it dies before finishing. I plugged it into my windows computer and it connected but no files appeared. Then miraculously it turned on, only to be void of music. The files showed up on mac a but now its not even connecting at all via USB. And I’m certain its fully charged.

So are you saying is IS turning on now? Try switching the USB Mode to MSC (Settings > System Settings).

You also might try reformatting it under System Settings (again), which can fix player glitches.

Yes, that was a problem, thanks.

Yes, had to remove everything I put on it first. Turning out to be a very time consuming little device, thanks for the help.

Glad everything worked out, but just a tip . . . when replying to a message or post here, it helps if you use the Quote button so people know who and what you are replying to. :wink:

Glad that it worked (and I should have mentioned that content you want to save should be copied to your computer first, before reformatting–formatting erases all the user content on the Clip).  Glad it worked!   :slight_smile: