sansa clip won't recognize microsdhc card

I loaded music onto a SanDisk microsdhc card (it’s really there, if I open the folders, the tracks will play on Windows Media Player) – but my Sansa Clip+ doesn’t seem to see the card.  When I put it into the player & turn the player on, the media DOESN’T refresh, and I can’t find the files on the microsdhc disk anywhere.  What am I doing wrong?? Help!!

Are you sure the card is inserted all the way? The catch is a spring-loaded mechanism. You have to push the card in until the top of the card is slightly past the casing (usually with your fingernail) until the mechanism grabs it. You’ll hear a fant click. As you release pressure on the card, you’ll hear another faint click as it locks into place.

To remove the card, you have to push it in again (until it clicks), then the spring will push it out. Keep your finger on it, or it will shoot across the room.

Sounds like either you don’t have the card fully inserted into the slot, or the card and/or card slot is defective. Do you have another card to try? If it doesn’t work either, and you’re positve the card is ‘locked in’ (you’ll hear 2 faint clicks when it’s in there correctly), then I’d suspect the player’s card slot is bad and you should get it replaced under the warranty.

Another echo?