sansa clip plus and micro sd card

I assumed that with the clip off you could just insert the micro sd card and it would work.  I did that.  I got an error message that said something to the effect that the unit wasn’t recognized and it no longer showed up on my windows media player.  In fact, the clip now will not turn on no matter what you do to it.  After inserting the card it appears to be completely dead.  Removing the card doesn’t help.  It’s still dead and wmp doesn’t recognize it either with or without the card.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

OK, ignore this.  I moved heaven and earth to make this work, couldn’t, gave up, returned to it ten minutes later and the unit was on.   All seems well.  Not sure why.

It may be something to do with trying to do something after it was turned on but before the media refresh had completed, who knows.