Sansa Clip won't connect to Windows 10 to load music

I have a 2008 red Sansa Clip mp3 player and it still works fine when not connected to a computer, but when I tried to connect it to my pc, which runs Windows 10, it doesn’t show up as any kind of device or on Windows Media Player. It does show that it  is charging when the USB is plugged in. I’ve tried all 3 USB ports and a different cord and connecting in MSC and MTP mode. 

Do you have access to another computer that doesn’t have Windows 10 on it?

I am having the exact same problem, on a Windows 10 computer; and I don’t have acess to another computer.

I, too, had the same problem.  I was able to partially get around this issue by removing my external micro SD card and putting it into a USB SD card reader/adapter.  By doing so, this micro SD card showed up as a drive on my laptop.  I was then able to display the contents of the card and copy new music files onto it.

There is definitely a problem with Windows 10 interfacing with the Clip as it is now with its current driver.

Hi guys,

I have the same problem. Clip+ worked fine on Win7. I’ve changed my operating system into Win10 and my problem began… The device hangs after connecting it to the PC. I have the latest software 01.02.18. Searching thru out the internet didn’t help either. Win10 tells it has the best driver. Any suggestions? I like the device, but it’s no longer useable, cannot load the music as in the topic.



on the clip go to Settings-USB Mode and change from auto detect to MSC. I have Win 10 and this worked for me…

They use a crossover cable. In other words they flip the conductors from end to end so you have to use that cable. Same crap Allen Bradley does for indusrial applications. Otherwise it does NOT need any driver updaye.