Sansa Clip + Trouble with tags

Using Sansa Clip+

Using Puddletag for setting tags

I am having problems with my Sansa Clip+ player. The tags don’t seem to work properly.

I have 24 audio files:

  • genre: christian

  • album: acts

First I am not sure what to use for tags. Using mp3 files. First I had ID3v1.1. I changed that to ID3v2.4 and that didn’t work. I would try to play a song and it would skip to the last track and freeze. I changed to ID3v2.3 and that is working better but not complete. When I go through music > albums > acts it looks like they are all there.

If I go through genre > artist > album and look through acts there are only 5 of the files listed.

When I go through music > artists I get a list of what looks like song titles. I click on those I am brought to albums (acts) and I only see a couple of the audio files.

I hope someone can help. I feel lost with what else to try.