Sansa Clip Sport should REALLY be able to scrobble to lastfm.

I’m selling mine because it can’t be rockboxed and generate a scrobble.log file, like the Sansa products. I love the player, the colorful screen, the huge battery time, the fact is new and pretty. But the fact I can’t scrobble just ruin it all, I’m sorry to say.

My question is, why can’t Sandisk implement this feature in the next update or so? What is stoping it? It seems like a very simple task. I know that the Sansa player had more processing power, RAM or whatever, but generate a simple text file seems so simple. Why user need to rely on Rockbox to such a simple task?

This player would be a huge success if we could scrobble with it out of the box. If it does this, there’s a lot less need to install Rockbox.

Why Sandiks don’t make this happen? I want to use my Clip Sport!!!

there has never been any sandisk device that supports this in the factory FW. This has only been a rockbox feature. I find it highly unlikely sandisk would put this in their official FW. You can post on rockbox boards and see if anyone is porting rockbox for the sport but with its limited processing power and ram rockbox devs probably are not actively working on a rockbox port for the sport. 

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Please explain what is “scrobble”?  Something about a log file of songs played?  

And then you would upload to a website?  And then what?

Thank You

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To “scrobble” is to upload a file to Lastfm that contains info about the songs you’ve listened lately on your player, be it on your computer or phone. There are a lot of programs that do this autommaticaly. Lastfm is like a social network for music, if you google it you’re gonna have a better idea.

So, what Rockbox does (among other things) is generate a simple text file that stores the songs you’ve listened, the artist, album, etc. Since Sandisk players don’t have internet access, you have to upload it mannually through your computer every once in a while, using some third party program. This is what I do with my Sansa Clip+.

I wished I could do this on my Clip Sport, even without using Rockbox, just as a normal feature you know? That is my complaint. I’m selling an otherwise perfect player, because it can’t do this simple thing, making a “scrobbable” log file.

Nobody is porting Rockbox to the Clip Sport anytime soon, maybe never, from what I read. My complaint is, why doesn’t this simple feature is implemented? Generating a text file seems so simple. The player can display color, images, change configurations and play music at the same time.

I think Sandisk should care about that, because a lot of people are choosing to buy the older Sansa players, instead of going for the newer Clip Sport, simply because they can scrobble. Rockbox has a lot of features but I think this is the most important. If they could implement this it would be awesome.

I find it very unlikely too. Just wanna get this out there and let them know, discuss the issue with you guys and stuff.

What if there was a way to translate the “GoList[n]” files into text files compatible with LastFM ??

      These files are named as “USERPLn.PL” in the root directory of the internal memory and in the micro SD card.

Maybe this could be a half-way solution for LastFM users who want to find additional ways to enjoy their Clip Sport ??

Hmm I’ve tried opening it with the text editor and it’s full of nonsense, maybe a specific software is needed. Although there is some music/artist words I think is for listing what is currently on the player only. Not a list of all the songs played or anything. It may be usefull, depending of what you want to do, but not for a lastfm user.

I still think Sandisk should implement a feature regarding scrobble. Thanks for the reply!

To implement this, the player would have to have wireless connectivity, wouldn’t it?

There has only been 1 player in SanDisk’s stable of mp3 players over the years that had this (Launchcast) and it was bigger , more expensive and has been discontinued for several years now.

And with more and more people utilizing their smartphones for everything today including playing and/or streaming music, the dedicated mp3 player market is dwindling from the heyday it once had. I think I heard last week that Apple was even dropping the device that started it all, the iPod. So there is little chance that what you want is ever going to come out of SanDisk either.

I agree with pretty much all of this. Mp3s are dying and gennerally people are going to do all their listening in their smartphones. I personally use them because of the HUGE battery time and because my phone don’t have a lot of memory nor a microSD card slot. BUT the fact is, Sandisk has lauched the Clip Sport relatively recently and their Mp3s are one of the major Ipod alternatives. WAY cheaper, great build and sound quality and lots of space including SDslots. So I think they still should pay attention to their consumer needs. Lots of people refrain from buying the newer Sandisk players because they don’t have scrobble suport.

And no, the player doesn’t need wireless connectivity. Like I said before, Rockbox stores the played songs info on a text file so you can upload them when you connect it to your PC. I do this with my Sansa Clip+, using a third party program to upload the file information to my Lastfm profile.

The thing I’m trying to say is, Sandisk should have this in their players so users don’t need to rely on Rockbox(that is not going to be ported for the Clip Sport) and because it’s such an easy thing to do. I bet that a company’s programmer could easily implement this. The player needs to play the song, grab the title/artist/album/year and put it on a file. That’s it. This is what my Sansa Clip+ do. The uploading part is on your computer and already exists.