Clip Sport or Sanza Clip +

I am considering purchasing one of these 2 mp3 players. Which one do you recommend. The Clip Sport or Sanza Clip +


The Clip+ has many more important features than the Clip Sport. For example, the Clip+ combines internal memory with card memory, so you can have playlists containing songs from both. The Clip Sport has a song limit of around 2,000 for card memory, and around 2,000 for internal memory.On the Clip Sport, a playlist will work only with files on card memory or on internal memory, but not both.

The Clip+ has a song limit of around 8,000 songs. Imo though the most important feature that the Clip+ has is that it supports Rockbox. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware(operating system) for the player that offers a large number a features. For example, with Rockbox the song limit is probably extremely high, as no one has reported reaching it. Some use a 64GB micro SDXC card in a Rockboxed Clip+(formatted as FAT32). I like the crossfeed feature in Rockbox, which makes headphone listening much more like listening to speakers(it mixes part of the opposite channel into each ear with a slight delay. This effect is adjustable, or can be turned off). Rockbox offers great flexibility for playlists.

The Clip+ doesn’t display album art though, while the Clip Sport does. The Clip+ supports protected WMA files, while the only protected files supported on the Clip Sport are those from Audible. Putting Rockbox on the Clip+ might impair its ability to play protected files. Rockbox itself doesn’t play protected files, however Rockbox is a dual boot operating system, so a Clip+ with Rockbox installed might still be able to play some protected files when it is booted up using the Sandisk firmware. 

The Clip Sport has a much larger screen than the Clip+, and battery life for the Clip Sport is listed as 25 hours vs just 15 hours for the Clip+ or Clip Zip. The bottom line is that if you want to use Rockbox or protected WMA files you need the Clip+(or Clip Zip). If you have a large music collection(more than around 2,000 songs) a Clip+ (or Clip Zip) would be much better than the Clip Sport, especially if you put Rockbox on the Clip+ or Clip Zip. There is no Rockbox for the Clip Sport, and it looks like Rockbox might never be available for the Clip Sport. 

The song limits I mentioned are approximate as what is limited is the size of the database table, so having a complex file structure, or long file names or long tags might makes the limits quite a bit lower.

I have all thee players, the Clip+(Rockboxed), the Clip Zip(Rockboxed) and the Clip Sport. My favorite of the three is the Rockboxed Clip Zip, as it has all the functionality of the Rockboxed Clip+, and a larger screen, as well as the capability to display album art. The Clip+ can’t display album art. Due to the larger screen, when viewing lists, the Rockboxed Clip Zip displays more items at a time than the Rockboxed Clip+. 

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^+1.  And, as responded to you earlier in a separate thread, in response to your inquiry there:

Do note:  the Clip+ does not play aac files–if you want that capability, go with the Clip Zip, which can play them (although not always, unfortunately, depending on how they originally were encoded). 

The Clip+ will play unprotected AAC files when Rockbox is installed on the player. The Clip Zip is supposed to play unprotected AAC files, however this is glitchy, and some files don’t play properly. With Rockbox installed though, unprotected AAC files play just fine on the Clip Zip.

I also forgot to mention that using the Sandisk firmware on the Clip+, Clip Zip, or Clip Sport,  a class 4 or slower card should be used, as many experience different types of issues when using faster cards. Using Rockbox on the Clip+ or Clip Zip, users report class 10 cards working just fine. 

get a clip zip and install RB…

i have the zip and the sport…the sport sits on a shelf.

sure it screen is awsome. but untill sandisk will/wont do some serious upgrade to the sport it wont be a match to other players.

especially with the files limit and for some reason when shuffle on the entire songs library it stutters from time to time.

given im using a class 10 64GB card. but still. never happend on the zip…even on sansa FW.


I just baught a sport, girlfriend loved the great battery life…

She had a 160 gig ipod, and i baught a 64gb card…

I used Media Monkey to put 25 playlists, 4500 songs on it and  ??? only the first 2000 songs from the playlists seen bummer 

I read some, and i noticed some other people mentioned there workarounds… using the folder method of enjoying theresongs…

My little addition is I used Media Monkey to put my playlists into a custom file structure on the external card, Music/Playlist… with the songs in each folder for each playlist and, ahhh, it worked, now the sport player will see and play the 6,500 songs in the different playlist folders, you navacate with the Folders, external , music, then pick your playlist folder…

I hope this helps others enjoy the little sport and there music…

I had to create a custom file structure in Media Monkey… you could do the same using Windows explorer and the external memore card, all your choice,



i have SanDisk Sansa Clip Sports 

i can use rockbox for SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip? 

Nope–a Rockbox port does not currently exist for the Sport or Jam players (it does exist for the original Clip, the Clip+, and the Clip Zip).

I’m not clear which player you are asking about.

A Rockbox port does not currently exist for the Sport or Jam players–it does exist for the original Clip, the Clip+, and Clip Zip players.

@myschovip wrote:


i have SanDisk Sansa Clip Sports 

i can use rockbox for SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip? 


Ah, think I understand now:

If you meant, can you use the Clip Zip version of Rockbox for the Sport, the answer is no–each version of Rockbox is only for the specific player it is intended for.

The Sport currently does not have a Rockbox port.

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