and song logging

Song logging social networks such as are fairly popular now and it would be really nice to have something built into the Fuze to interface with that.  I realize that there are a few of these now, and you can’t build a system for every one that comes along so maybe something as simple as a file in the main directory that lists the songs that have been listened to sense the player was last mounted?  This shouldn’t be to hard to write.  There has to be some block of code somewhere that is activated when a song plays to the end so it can go to the next track, you could just stick a file out line in there.  Managing the size of the file might be a bit trickier, maybe some nature of check on a database refresh or startup?  With that file in place, other people could then write programs to upload the songs that had been listened to, to whatever service.  I hope you’ll consider making this a part of a future firmware upgrade.

Not every one wants to broadcast this private infomation.

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The system I suggested would not require this information to be broadcasted.  It would be a conscious decision by the user.

I agree. Some kind of scrobbling is the feature I was always missing in my PMPs.

Would LOVE to see this feature added.  I’ve been listening to my Fuze almost exclusively lately, and my account has been kinda, well, slow, lately.  Having this feature would be great! 


I completely agree with the first post and hope Sandisk can invest a few man hours to enable such a log file. After a firmware update, this logging/ scrobbling ( lingo) function could be disabled by default, so as to counter any privacy concerns (as mentioned in the 2nd post).

With a function like this, Sandisk would have me as a loyal customer for years to come, without it, I’ll probably have to give in and get an iPod eventually, since this is the only player that I know of that has the logging function implemented out of the box. As an alternative, maybe there are a few Sandisk employees who could volunteer with Rockbox and provide them with support for the latest models. I believe that would be very cost-effective and would bind the (I believe growing) chunk of “power-users” to Sandisk, since with Sandisk’s great hardware + Rockbox firmware = endless possibilities :wink:

After integrating ogg and flac support with the recent firmware update, which, among other reasons, led me to buy my first Sandisk player, Sandisk could continue on that path of user-friendly development and be the first company to actively provide functionality for social music networks like and, which are growing in leaps and bounds.

Sandisk is clearly trying to attract the common iPod buyer with their new Fuze, as far as its copy-cat design is concerned. But my hope is that the company will also aknowledge that there are many people out there who value functionality over style (and I’m not saying the Fuze doesn’t look good). That means, I hope they will expand on their path of increasing the functionality of their players, and that includes in my opinion the support for social music networks.

This is a huge wish for me too and essentially the only feature I really need that isn’t already there.

A great part of my music listening is on the Fuze and it would be great to get all those tracks scrobbled. As someone said, it’s just a matter of a simple log file and surely the community will take care of the rest.

Already there in Rockbox.  Since there are already programs to submit logs to lastfm, a big please stick with the established format!

ON the privacy front, there’s no reason you can’t use the log to keep your personal statistics without submitting to a network site.

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I would really, really love to be able to scrobble from my Fuze. I think SanDisk should keep going toe-to-toe with the iPod, and since you can scrobble from the iPod…

This is a good Idea, but the issue may be on the end opposite Sandisk. I dont know if Last FM would play ball if Sandisk approached them. What is the benifit to them?

The benefits might be an increased base of buyers, users and contributors, extra exposure for the artists they listen to and, consequently, more advertising, revenue possibilities and MONNEYY for all involved! (Except us, gormless users, of course.) It seems the drawbacks are almost null. Sandisk loses nothing really. When I last checked, the essential software, Audiosrobbler, was free and opensource; Developers are invited to include it on media player firmware. API Docs |; are fairly close (I would guess) to porting its firmware over to the Fuze and IT already includes scrobbling as an option. Anyway my opinion is I would like to see it as an option in the original firmware cos it’s a nice little bugger!


Any news about the scrobbler? Maybe it could be included in the next firmware :slight_smile:

I got my fuze some days ago and it’s almost perfect-it juts needs the support.

If you have the V01 version of Fuze, you can scrobble with Rockbox.

(Settings - System Settings - Info, if “Version” starts with V01 instead of V02)

Check this very forum for more:\_date\_ascending&page=1

Info on installation here

And scrobbling, here

Sandisk wouldn’t need to approach, the scrobbling API is completely open to anyone to write a client for ( ), as well, a proper scrobbling application wouldn’t be necessary, as long as some sort of log of plays is available some way, anyone could write a program to submit the tracks to, and any other site that tracks plays like All that needs to be done is log what tracks are played when.

I bought a Sansa Fuze today, and all it’s lacking to being the perfect player is audio scrobbling, I’d love this.