Sansa Clip+ Problems, Correct Tagging But Unknown Folders and Jumbled Tracks. HELP!!

Hi Guys,

Can anyone out there please offer some advice to me and my husband before we gone completely insane?

We bought for our daughter the Sansa Clip+ but we are having the same problem happen over and over again.

When her music and audiobooks were first loaded onto it everything was fine. Things were in there correct places and folders but now for some reason when we add additional albums we may have the album folder visable but it also crates an additional folder which displays as ‘Unknown’. When you go and try to play from inside that folder it doesnt work…We always make sure that there is correct tagging so I know that the issues aren’t because of that.

We have tried EVEYTHING we can think of. Tried updating, Performing a Factory reset, Formatting and using different setting but it doesn’t make any sense. Why was everything fine a couple of days ago and not now…

We are using a 16GB Kingston SD Card inside the Clip+.

It almost appears as though as soon as you reach a certain number of tracks it goes wrong.

Please any ideas would be welcomed as this is becoming a nightmare.

Thanks Claire x