Sansa Clip Plus; MSC Mode; Removing write-protected file

Just got a Sansa Clip Plus 4gb. Had a problem with being unable to delete a folder / file (write-protected). Fixed it. In the process, learnt the following:

  1. The Hold button is not separate. Need to press the Home button tolock and unlock.

  2. The Windows driver update to switch to MSC mode does not work. 

  3. However, putting the player on Hold, then pressing the center button while connecting to the computer puts it into MSC mode. Default is MTP mode.

  4. To get rid of the write-protected folder, did the following:

a) Formatted the drive (in MSC mode). This made all the files vanish, including the default folders like Music. Was unable to load anything. Panicked!

b) Disconnected, then connected back in MTP mode. All the default folders re-appeared, but there were no files in any of them.

c) Disconnected, then connected back in MSC mode. Copied the files from my hard-drive.