Sansa Clip not recognized by my vista computer

I plug the Clip into my Dell running vista and I get the error sound.  I click on my computer but the device doesn’t show.  Battery not charging.  I tried downloading the updater, but when I try to install it, it fails.  I can plug the device into my work laptop and it is recognized and the battery charges.  Work laptop runs xp.

Is there a patch that can be run on my vista machine so that it recognizes the Clip? 

Probably you can install Windows Media Player 11 and try again,

On Ubuntu linux its genuienly plug and play … not on windows :slight_smile: you need to install WMP 11.

Ah, with Vista (Windows ME II), with the device connected (ding!), go to the Device Manager, and look for the wee yellow triangle.  You can update the driver from that point, and it (Vista) will “find a new one”, or reinstall the one it thinks is broken.

Then, unplug the Sansa, and plug in again.

Microsoft made things complicated by embedding WiMP tightly into Vista.  My wife and I always keep the super glue away from the children…

Hope this helps!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Or possibly, connect in MSC mode (Clip’s Settings/USB/MSC, or Clip in hold and press the center button down when connecting)?