Sansa clip not coming on unless plugged in!

I have had my sansa clip since 2006 while serving in the military. I love this lil mp3, radio player but I too have a problem with it. One is the clip on back is broke BUT that’s not my biggest problem right now. The problem I have now with it, is that it won’t come on unless plugged in to be charged. Once plugged in, it shows that it’s almost done charging. I turn it off and unplug it. But once I have it unplugged, it will not come back on. I have held the power slide on for 20 secs up to 1 min. Still nothing! Plug it in and it comes on. Not sure what to do and I have been using the factory power cord that came with it since I got it. Signed Chez-dog

Sounds like a battery lead has broken loose inside. This is a common problem with the original Clips; their solder joints left something to be desired.

If you’re adventurous enough to try and take the casing apart without breaking it, and adept enough with a solderiing iron, you can probably fix it. There is a Dis-Assembly Guide with pictures over on the ABI forums.

If you don’t want to tackle it, say a fond farewell to your old friend, recycle him responsibly and buy a new Clip+ or Clip Zip. In addition an SD card slot and many other newer features, the clip on these newer units (although non-replaceable) are much stronger and rarely break with normal use.

If you are going to tackle it however, now might be an opportune time to see if you can find and install a brand new battery. :wink: