Sansa Clip - My Computer is not "seeing it" when plugged in

I plugged my Sansa Clip into my laptop using the USB cord that was included with the Sansa.  On the screen of my Sansa, it is showing "Connected and a picture of hte unit and the computer monitor are showing.   However, when I go into Computer on my laptop, it is not showing this external device.   What could be wrong?  I was able to connect it to my laptop in the past without trouble.  I tried to download a firmware update but it didn’t work because it told me to plug my Sansa into the computer and wait until Windows recognizes it.  Well, it never recognized it, so I wasn’t able to update it.  Please help!  I’m trying to update my songs and this is frustrating. I should add:  My laptop has the Windows Vista, and my Windows MediaPlayer is the version 11.

Amy :cry:

Can you try forcing an MSC mode connection?  Clip off, hold the center button down as you connect the USB cable between the Clip and your computer.

I tried what you said, holding the center button down with the Clip off, while I connected the USB to the computer.  It still doesn’t see my device, but the device screen says connected, with that picture of the device and the computer monitor.   Strange…

Actually, something is wrong with the unit.  We had two of them.  I tried the other one out - as soon as it plugged in the computer recognized it.   I guess that’s what I get for buying the bottom of the line models lol.   I needed to save money at the time so it worked for awhile.   I got these probably 6 months ago or so.

Well, you should be covered by your warranty–telephone SanDisk customer service about this.  Sorry about that!

And you didn’t think the fact that it worked for a while might have been relevant information to include in your initial post.