sansa does not connect

Hi I have my usb setting on MSC and my sansa charges but it does not show up in My Computer. Can some1 help me with this?

I assume you’re on some flavor of Windows. It might work for you to go into the operating system’s Device manager, and deauthorize/uninstall the Clip where it appears (you may have to be connected–your Clip to the computer–to do this). Detach the Clip and then attach it again. Hopefuly, this will cause the computer to reinstall and establish the connection to the Clip. Also, in the past, I had an occasion that the computer assigned the same drive letter to my audio player as another device already attached to the computer (apparently, this was a known bug with Windows XP, and something that might happen every now-and-again), resulting in the computer’s not being able to see the audio device; I used the operating system’s Drive management screen/utility, if I recall correctly, to assign a new drive letter to the audio device, and everything was fine after that.