Need help Troubleshooting.

I have a Sansa Clip and I downloaded music on it once and wanted to change it. So I plugged it in and it goes from…“writing” to “connected” to “disconnected” and does not allow me to do anything. For a brief second it will show up as connected on my computer and then disconnected. Im very frustrated with this as somehow while trying to get it to work, everything on the clip was deleted. So now I have nothing on it! I tried a different USB cable and the same thing. It does recharge though…just does not allow me to sync. If anyone has had this issue or knows how to fix it…let me know!!!

It would be helpful to know your operating system, etc.; the Clip’s listed “needs,” for Windows, are XP SP2 and WMP10, or above.

Having said that, you can connect up with lesser or other systems, under MSC mode–that may help you.  Select it under Settings/USB.  If you don’t have that, you can force MSC mode by holding the Clip’s center button down while connecting the USB cable between your Clip and computer (and then download the latest firmware).

I hope this helps–