computer doesn't show player is plugged in

i have tried plugging my clip into every usb hub on 3 different computers. The mp3 player charges but the computer doesn’t register that it is plugged in. I have met all of the system requirements. and formatted the mp3 player. i have attempted to install the filmware and went through all of the troubleshooting techniques that i have found and nothing. any other suggestions

What USB mode are you attempting to connect in, MTP or MSC?

Dont use the default Auto Defect. Try setting it to MSC & see if your computer will ‘see’ it then.

You also could try using a different USB cable.

I am having the same problem and have no idea how to proceed.  I have no idea how to change my USB detection settings.

On the Clip, Settings, USB.

My Dell with XP would only recognize my Clip when the clip was set to MSC mode. That is done on the clip under settings. Hit the ‘Music’ button, then ‘play’, (top of round switch). should say settings on screen. hit center of round switch, then page down to ‘USB mode’.  hit center again. page down to highlight MSC and hit the center again and your done.  That will put the clip in MSC and XP should see it then.