Sansa Clip+ got wet, only volume buttons dont work, adjust volume on a PC?

Hi My Sansa Clip+ was during some time on a rain and I guess it got wet - volume buttons do not work,a ll other functions OK

It now about “too lo wvolume” I solved before that.

  1. Is it possible to adjust my volume (now its too low after reset) on a PC connecting through USB? Kind of volume hack…

  2. It shouldnt happen but may I try sending it on a warranty? Maybe wet sensors are OK cause it was just a rain…

Any other probability/cost to fix it in any “electronic” fix center?

Thank You!

First off, NEVER attempt to turn on or power up an electronic device while it is still wet!!!

You will most likely short something out internally which will kill it forever!

1. No.

2. Warranty is for mfg. defects in workmanship or materials only! It does not include customer misuse, like leaving it out in the rain, taking it in the shower with you, dropping it in the toilet, wearing it swimming, or leaving it in your pocket and then doing your laundry.

2a. SanDisk does not have any electronic “fix center”.

The only thing you can do is place the unit in a bag of dry uncooked rice for several days to absorb the moisture inside.  Since you’ve already played with it wet it’s doubtful this will help, but it won’t hurt to try.

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You’ve lost me on the very last paragraph. I think the fact that it plays is good news, but the op shouldn’t push his luck. Keep it off and do the bag of rice thing. My guess is it will come back, rain isn’t exactly distilled water but things could be worse, he could have taken a swim in the ocean.

And note:  let it dry FOR DAYS.  Do not succumb before then.  The player must be ABSOLUTELY DRY before you turn it on again.

OK thank You all.

Im in Madrid its pretty dry and warm and its already 2 weeks so I guess it may have dried. And yes I used it, I know - my fault.

I read that volume buttons are weak and pressing too much can cut the circuit, can I try to open it (if you say warranty is not for that - I know - but maybe moisture sensors didnt get wet) and wil I be able to see/fix that (if this is what happened although I doubt).

I had Sansa Express as a pendrive I liked it far more (out of prduction) this one is second I screwed (and express is just out of battery…)

Sure, you can open it up and see if there’s anything you can do. You’ll find directions, tips and pictures here.

Just so we’re not jumping the gun, here: no one really knows why the player volume buttons aren’t working, now. Who knows what the cause is (apart from assumptions)? If the player still is in the warranty period (2 years in the EU), I would explore the possibility of warranty coverage with SanDisk in the EU.