Volume buttons stopped working

I have a Sansa 4GB Clip Zip and a couple weeks ago the button stopped working. I should have responded sooner, but was actually enjoying a couple weeks without constantly wearing earbuds.

Anyways, I haven’t dropped the player or anything, but the volume buttons now won’t work. They’ll still click in, but don’t change the volume. I’ve checked all the settings, tried returning to default settings, EU decibel change, all that rigmarole. So, is it definitely something physically broken, or am I just missing something?

Also, I ordered it in December from Amazon. If something is defective, how long does the warranty last? Thanks!

It sounds like it’s defective. You’re probably still within the return window at Amazon, so I’d call or e-mail them; they’re very good about replacing things like this.

Otherwise, you have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty in you live in the US; 2 years in the EU.

When the player is operating, the screen times out after a brief delay.  try tapping the volume buttons, and see if the display wakes up when they are touched.  If there’s no response, it’s possible that there’s a mechanical problem with the switch contacts.

Bob  :wink: