Sansa Clip+ freezes often when playing music from SD-card

I recently had my Clip+ switched to a brand new one since the old Clip+ suffered from a broken audio jack. However, the new Clip+ I received from the guarantee has proved to be very problematic when playing mp3:s from the microSD –card. Sometimes when playing music from eternal SD-card the playback freezes. This freezing can be cause by a simple operation such as volume adjustment, changing a track on a album or by forwarding the track. The result is that the screen stops and the music playback stops. The player can be shut down and restarted, but this very rarely fixes this problem, since the problem continues after the reboot.

The player is the newest version v01.02.15A and I have tried using both MTP and MSC modes. No difference, the problem still persists. I have not seen any difference in the tracks, and they do work when put on the internal memory. Any ideas what might cause the problem and how to fix it? I guess if nothing fixes this, I have to send the player back to guarantee, since this is clearly a error my old Clip+ never had…

You could try a reset–hold the power switch down for 20-30 seconds plus–and/or reapplying the latest firmware–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of the forum.

Truthfully, though, I don’t have high hopes with either of these–my guess is that this is a hardware issue.  If the above doesn’t work, I’d judt contact the seller, or SanDisk, for a replacement under the original sale or warranty (SanDisk is very good about this, as you already may know).

Good luck!  And keep us posted–

Thank you for your help Miikerman!

I forgot to mention that I have tried using a different micro-SD card too, and the problem was not solved. I have now re-installed the firmware and it would seem that the problem has been fixed, at least a short test would indicate so. Lets hope that this solved the problem and there is no need to send the player back to Sandisk.

PS: I did not manage to reset the player, since holding the power button did not do anything, but I would suspect that the re-installing of the latest firmware did the same allready?

Great to hear! :slight_smile: It seems that reapplying the latest firmware often helps, even when you wouldn’t suppose that it would. Just keep your eye on the player and make sure it really is ok now. In the meanwhile, good show! (As to the reset, you might be right–or it could be that whatever was to be reset actually was.)

I was going to say, if any of you bought a clip recently, from Best Buy, they will take them back opened.  I bought my second clip just the other day from Best Buy, yet it kept locking up when the Micro SD HC card was inserted.  Nothing worked, reformatting, using reset and reformat on the player, so I took it back and exchanged it.  So far the new player is accepting and playing my Rhapsody tracks without messing up.  If you have ruled out that the card is not bad, such as putting it on your PC with an adapter and running chkdsk from the command prompt, and after you format the card its still not working you most likely have a defective player.  BTW, I don’t think it matters what brand of card you use, but probably should try the Sandisk version, because I have found they are a great deal on Amazon.  Maybe Sandisk will replace defective equipment if its not too old.

Hope this helps everybody having this problem.