Sansa Clip Firmware 1.01.20 release


We are happy to release the latest of the firmware for Sansa Clip.  The release contains important upgrades and fixes. Many members from this forum have found problems or suggested improvements.  Of course, not all the requests can be implemented for various reasons.  We hope you enjoy the new firmware.  It will be available shortly on the Sansa Updater, and will be posted for download by the Moderators.  Release notes will be posted as well.

Again thanks to all on this forum for their support of the Sansa Clip.



And we were just talking about you …


Will there be release notes posted here, noting what’s been changed?  Always nice and helpful to have! 

And thanks for your support of your customers!

And we were just talking about you …

Thank you for posting release notes as welll–always nice and helpful to have. 

And thanks for your support of your customers!

Thank you VERY much for the response on the community’s findings. It looks like '20 will address many of the most significant issues.

BTW I “already” found one additional improvement over 18…ya have to go to the firmware dload page thread to find out :stuck_out_tongue:

The new 20 firmware is very nice!  Fear not, Clipsters…install it!!

Happy happy joy joy!! :smileyvery-happy:


Exact what are the updates in this version? I mean, I dwlded it already, but can’t really tell anything as of yet.

It’s listed on the download page - go back and look closer

A few mins after I posted my question, I went and found the page so just disregard what I asked. They seemed to have addressed alot of issues thank God.  The Sansa crew is very VERY reliable, b/c they listen to their customers.