Sansa Clip+ display is corrupt


I Have a Sansa Clip + and with a card,

The card was ejected the wrong way and since then it doesn’t display the test on the screen, instead I see all kind of squares, it doesn’t matter in what language it is.

How can I fix it 


You can try downloading the firmware again and manually installing it.

If that doesn’t work, then try removing the card(only add or remove the card when the player is off). I assume you have copies of the music on the player also on your pc. I guess the player won’t boot properly, so you will need to format it via your pc, which will delete all songs on it. If your Clip+ has 2 GB internal memory format it as FAT, otherwise format it as FAT32. After the format, disconnect the player, and see if it boots properly. If so, then format the player again using its menu(settings, system settings, format), then reconnect the player and put your songs back on it.