Sansa Clip 8gb Power Issues

OK Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. I have a 8gb sansa clip and the packaging totes a claim of 15hrs of battery life, but I only get at most 7hrs of continuous use out of it. Now I know the package will always tell the consumer an over embellished claim of how long the battery life will work but less than half seems a little ridiculous. I do use the player at full volume for about 15 min at the start of use and then a low volume for the rest. I also use the stop watch function for hours at a time. Does anyone know if the stop watch function is killing my battery life? Because if so I’m returning this,the whole reason I got it was to time myself at work while still being about to listen to music.

You should call 1-866-SANDISK and ask them. Or whatever the customer service number is in your country.

A lot depends on your use of it. FLAC or high bit-rate files, volume, time backlight is on, brightness, button-pressing, even the weather/temperature, etc. all play a part in battery usage/play time.

And yes, I would assume the stop watch would contribute to lower run time as you are pressing buttons and turning on the backlight every time you start or stop the feature.