Sansa clip + 8GB can't read music from the MicroSD 32GB class 6

I just bought a new Sansa clip + 8GB

and a new 32GB MicroSD class 6

I followed all the guides and loaded music to my MicroSD card.

And the sansa recognize it as empty.

I upload the same files directly to the Sansa clip + and it recognize them.

I trying to format the MSD card and the Sansa over and over again and no help

according to your updator the Sansa is updated

I even tried all of the USB modes and nothing helped

not even formatting the MSD card to FAT32 didn’t helped

The sansa recgnize the card, after formating it and inserting it to the sansa I can see the music folder on it. 

Any suggestions? Its a new product and I’m very disappointed its not working properly.

I hope for a fast answers

best regards,


There have been reports of the Clip not playing well with cards that are faster than Class 4 in speed.  You might try re-formatting the card using the SD Association’s formatter tool, which sometimes can help with card issues.  Do note that your card needs to be in FAT32 format for the Clip.

Formatting using either MTP mode, or the format option the Menu is probably the best way to go. If the player still refuses to use this card, you should consider replacing it with a class, 4 as suggested.

The SDFormater didn’t helped

Even If I did the long formatting

this is so wrong cause there is no place that is written what class of MSD card I should use with the Sansa clip plus. 

And if you said is a known problem its even worse!

The shop wont replace my MSD card  that bought Just for the use in the Sansa player, cause I throw the package and used it already.

Money I Just threw out the window!

It might be a defective or counterfeit card. If defective your dealer (or Sandisk) shold replace it under warranty. If counterfeit, I guess you’re hosed (screwed or out of luck). :cry:

You can download a free utility, h2testw to check it.

I was able to “fix” the issue by installing RockBox

the problem is only the mode that come with the Sansa clip + that can’t read SD cards above class 4 ( I guess)

and that its not written anywhere this is the big fraud 

Yep, it is the shame that the Clips can’t handle cards faster than Class 4 (often), and that the products specs don’t note this, at this point . . . . But a good reason why I rty to only buy computer products that I know I can return, if there is an issue with compatibility or otherwise.