Sansa Clip+ 4GB

I have 2 Sansa Clip 4GB MP3 players.  I got a music bullet so that I can listen to the music in my office with out the earphones.  The music bullet has it’s own power supply.  I can’t have the music up very loud because it cuts out if I do.  As long as I have it turned down really low it will work.  I have the latest software on the clip.  Both are fully charged.  The bullet works fine with my laptop and my friends ipod.  HELP!!!  I love my sansa clip but this music cutting in and out is driving me crazy!

I don’t know what a music bullet is, but if it connects to the player via the headphone jack, you may want to check to make sure the plug is fully inserted into the jack by pushing and/or twisting the plug in the jack on the player. Many people encounter this same annoyance when using their player for the 1st time with the earphones.

It’s in all the way.  I have had the clip for over a year now.  This is the first issue I have had with it.  I did all the twisting and pushing the plug.  I have to have the volume up all the way in order to hear it, and this is on a powered speaker. 

Does it work normally when using earphones? If so, it seems the problem would appear to lie with the bullet (or connecting cord) itself.

works fine with head phones.  Doesn’t work well when I hook it up in the car either.  The bullet works great with other mp3 players.  I love my clip cause I can use it when I am bicycling easily with it.  I hate the thought of having to upgrade to something else just so I can use something in my office in order to listen to my music without headphones.  The bullet is a fixed sound powered device so you have to control the sound from the mp3 player.  I don’t know if that has something to do with it or not.

I guess I will have to upgrade to an ipod or something along those lines as I can’t seem to get this worked out.  Thanks for the help.  I’ll keep my clip for my bike rides and use something else for my office.

Don’t you have speakers hooked up to your computer at work?

no.  That is why I was bringing in my clip and speaker.  I borrowed a Ipod today and it sounded great. 

Are you in Europe? If so, the volume cap in the EU firmware often causes problems with powered devices that expect line level output, but are in fact capped much lower. In that case, switching the region to something else would probably help.

^ I was wondering what his region was…I kind of suspected he was in a region that may not support the high volume setting…though I wonder why it cuts out (I assume the song can’t be heard anymore [no sound] and not low volume).

I’m in the USA.  I have reset it a couple of times thinking it might be a program error.  I made sure I didn’t have it set to Europe.  It is so weird that it works fine with headphones but if I try to connect it to the car or plug it into a powered speaker, I have to turn the volume all the way up on it to hear it, and then it cuts out…  If you turn it down really low it plays just fine but you can’t hardly hear it.  I love my sandisk cause it is perfect for my bike rides.  It’s so tiny and out of the way, it’s perfect.  Just don’t like it cause I can’t use it in my office.