Sansa Clip 4G just died

Hi all,

Our above-mentioned player, just a few months old, had just died. Fully charged…

Pressing Power button for 30sec did nothing…

Plugging into the PC shows the folders but no songs - even though right-clicking and “Properties” shows all 2.5G in use.

Trash can, or “help is on the way”?

many thanks


What Clip model is this?

Clip (original)


Cllip Zip

By no means trash. At the very least, you have a 1-year warranty in the U.S. (2 years in the EU). If the player won’t work, contact (phone is best) SanDisk for help and, if needed, a warranty replacement (and SanDisk covers the postage both ways in the U.S.).

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Most possibly, you would need an RMA on this. Have you checked your warranty yet? I hope this unit wasn’t dropped. 

Is there an

in here?