Sansa clip + 2GB

Hello around,

sorry that my english is not so comfortable -  but  I will try to describe my problem in english.

Some days ago I bought a new san sisk sansa clip + 2 GB.

My notebook is about six years old. It is a medion notebook  md 42200- in germany wellknown as an ALDI-Notebook.

This notebook works under windows xp home edition.

When I connected the new mp3 player with the notebook appears the  normally line “a new hardware is found” - but after some seconds this line vanished. After that there was no sign found of the mp 3 player on the desktop or in other places of the notebook.

Yesterday I visited a neighbour, who has two computers - one is around one year young and the other is so old as mine is.

When we connected my mp3 player with these computers, no reaction came.

Just now my friend is nere with his medion netbook MD  98241 with windows 7 basic program. This netboock was bought in October 2010.

After we connected the mp3 player with this netbook, the mp3 player was recognized as a new hardware and installed.

Then we separated the mp3 player from the computer and  reconnected them a short time later . Here the mp3 player is

recognized again in some seconds  as  a  “sansa clip +”.

When I click an the icon of the sansa clip+ I can see 7 foldres with following names:

Audio books, music, playlists, podcasts, records, service and  Devicon.

So I am sure the mp3 player is okay - but why can three computer this player not “see”.

Perhaps someone can send me an answere of my question and a sort of manual that could help me to elimate the mistake on my notebook md 42200, so that then the mp3 player will be seen there, too.

When sombody who answers my question can write this answer in german than I have it easier to understand the problem.

Best eastern days for you all


Try setting the Clip’s USB mode, under System Settings, to MSC mode, and see if that helps.

The Clip+ manual:±en-um.pdf

The Clip+ manual in German:

The SanDisk player forum in German: