Sansa Clip+ shows up on one computer but not the other?

Well, here’s a poser… :neutral_face:

Brand new Sansa Clip+ 8 gb that I just got for Christmas…the player works fine, turns on & off and plays the few already included songs, but when I plug it into my computer it doesn’t show up at all! 

I get the little *bing bong* indicating that there is new hardware detected, then I get the “New Hardware Wizard” pop-up screen and it tries to find software for the new device!  It’s unable to find anything; but after I close out the wizard, the MP3 unit doesn’t appear under “My Computer” at all!  If I look under Device Manager, it does show the Sansa Clip+ under “Other” with the yellow question mark!  Uninstalling and looking for New Hardware under the Device Manager doesn’t help as it just brings up the “New Hardware Wizard” pop-up again!  The Sansa Clip+ does light up and show it is connected to the computer, though!

I’ve tried using different USB cords, plugging into ports in the front and back, having the player set to AutoDetect and then MSC, having the installation CD in…all to no avail!

Current computer has Windows XP SP3 and Windows Media Player 11!

One odd note…if I plug the device into an older 2002 computer (Windows XP SP3 & Media Player 9) it does show up?  Any ideas why the unit would show up on one computer but not another?

Thanks for any help and/or ideas!! :smiley: